Every Sunday, the children at Place of Rest church are provided with various fun activities that help with learning more about christian values and virtues as documented in the bible.
We have different class groups based on ages of the children.

Age Groups

Baby class

3yrs & under

Junior elementary I

4 - 5 yrs

Junior elementary II

6 - 8 yrs

Senior elementary

9 - 12 yrs


13 yrs & above

Should you require further clarification or information please do not hesitate to call or send SMS to 7806560320

Child Registration

A registration form is to be completed by all parents of children, to assist the church with planning and providing a safe environment for children who are under our care.

Your filing out this form will enable us:

  1. Officially add your child to the Children Church database
  2. Inform our teachers about specific health concerns
  3. Keep you updated on special events that are about to take place

Would you like to volunteer with us?

Download Application Form

Awana Virtual Club

6pm on Fridays (except first Fridays)

At Place of Rest,we run the following awana clubs:

We teach toddlers basic truths about God.


We help these curious minds (Cubbies) display the greatness of God's character through God’s words.


Sparks ignites the curiosity of kids to learn about the people and events of the Bible, building a foundation of wisdom for knowing Christ.


T&T ushers kids on a journey to know God and His Word, love and need their Savior, and live out their faith in the ever-changing world around them.

TREK | AGES 12 & 13

Trek invites students to wrestle with the three questions they are already facing: "who am I, why am I here, and who's with me?

For over six decades, the Lord has used the ministry of Awana to reach kids, equip leaders, and change the world. The unchanging truth of the gospel drives the same vision we’ve held all these years to reach children in every corner of the globe as we walk boldly into the future and continue to be used by God to help change the world. -
To Register, email